[linux-audio-user] planet CCRMA / muse core-dumps

Guy Daniel CLOTILDE guy.clotilde at wanadoo.fr
Fri Mar 21 16:40:01 EST 2003

Hi all

I got Red Hat 8.0 on my toshiba 4300 laptop (ymfpci sound card).
I followed all the planet ccrma install advices and ended with 'apt-get install muse'.
But just after launch muse core-dumps. If I run 'muse some_song.mid' in a terminal I just can see the window with all the midi parts and then it disappears. It writes 'segmentation fault'.

With my ymfpci card, I was able to play midifiles with playmidi (with Mandrake 9.0) . Everythings seems fine except midi sequencers. I wasn't able to run no midi sequencers either with Mandrake 9, that's why I tried Red Hat.

I believe muse works perfectly good on other machines with red hat and planet ccrma. Everyone says that it works flawlessly, but mine doesn't :((
Anyone has a clue to why muse can't run ? 

Guy CLO~
#219055 http://counter.li.org

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