[linux-audio-user] interviewees wanted for book on laptop music

iriXx m at iriXx.org
Fri Mar 21 17:42:01 EST 2003

hi, this is forwarded on behalf of a friend of mine, Martin Delaney aka 
'mindlobster' (www.mindlobster.com). Martin is writing a book on laptop 
music and is seeking interviewees... anyone interested please write to 
Martin at the address below... thanx!
martin delaney wrote:
I've been commissioned by a well-known publisher to write a book about 
laptop music. The book will be about 400 pages in length, and will cover 
composition, recording, but most importantly PERFORMING with laptops. A 
large part of the book will cover hardware and software that's good for 
laptop use, without bias towards a particular OS or budget. The rest of 
the book will be interviews/comments/advice/feedback from laptop 
musicians. Anybody who is interested in taking part in this should email 
me: laptopmusic at btopenworld.com

Thanks, I hope to do this interesting (and ever-changing) subject justice!


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