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Alexander Feder xandi at 3Dsia.org
Sat Mar 22 05:10:01 EST 2003

I'm new to that list, i'm Alexander Feder, student in Vienna. I play
synthesizer and [E-]violin and finally want to try to sequence and record
what i'm playing.
It seems though there is lots to do before i can do that.
I've bought a M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 card which i've set up using Alsa.
Audio works fine when using the oss-emulation, but trying to access the
card directly (aplay -D hw:0,0, or using the alsa-xmms plugin or with ecasound)
fails with "Sample format non available".
Isn't that odd? I've thought alsa-oss-emulation would be just another
layer on top of what i would access when using aplay & co. ..
Recording works fine (also using oss), i've used ecasound for adding nice real
time effects while playing my e-violin. i can control everything with 
envy24control though....
Another problem i have is sequencing, actually midi as a whole. Neither
outputting with pmidi, playmidi or muse works. I'm quite sure i've put
all cables correctly into the Audiophile and my Yamaha CS1x
synth. Both cables (male-male) are 5 pin, the one that i've plugged into
the [in] in my soundcard and to [out] on my synth has 3 pins used (4,2,5
- the three in the middle) and the other cable has all 5 pins used. I've
checked every combination with my ohm-meter, so there is no short-circuit.
All pins are mapped 1:1.
'pmidi -l' gives
 64:0  Rawmidi 0 - M Audio Audiophile  M Audio Audiophile 24/96  MPU-401
trying to output a midi file with pmidi (which i have successfully outputted
using playmidi on a pc with an sb16 and oss, iirc) results in no audible
result. :/ (pmidi -p 64:0 test.mid)

muse outputs something more interesting whenever a note should be played:
MidiAlsaDevice::putEvent(): midi write error, returns -19 expected 28:
 No such device
Which i further find odd is that muse is not willing to start playing unless
i've first stepped into the config->audio system to apply the already activated
setting of No Audio. Before that the transport indicator will not move. Further
when i activate "Use Alsa" muse exits with the 
"ALSA: Sample format not available" message.

So does this mean i can't trust what /proc/asound/seq/clients and pmidi -l says? 
or does that mean that at the other end, where my synth should be, is no
device attached? 

same problem in the other direction. muse does not receive any signals
from my cs1x. I've recorded with this cs1x successfully on another pc
with.. another os.. so i think the hardware works.

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux Sid on an Athlon, alsa 0.9.1-2 (for base and libs). 
The things i described both happen on vanilla 2.4.20 with the alsa drivers
coming with debian (also 0.9.1-2) and on a 2.4.20 WOLK-kernel (rc3) with
the integrated alsa-drivers. (these behave slightly different, for example
i can't set the DAC volume with envy24control with the wolk-kernel - the
sliders don't move. this works fine with the vanilla kernel.)

what could i be doing wrong? or could it be that the soundcard itself is
broken? i have no other OS to falsify that.. :/

thank you very much for any help in advance
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