[linux-audio-user] Anyone using multiface+cardbus?

Mark Knecht markknecht at attbi.com
Sun Mar 23 09:28:00 EST 2003

On Sun, 2003-03-23 at 01:59, Jaakko Prättälä wrote:

> What could I do if I can't set irq's in my bios?
   Hi. First, what machine are you running and what BIOS does the
machine have? Phoenix? Award? Usually you can set IRQ's, but often the
settings are hard to find. In my machine it's under Advanced->PCI
Configuration. Even though I have this feature, I still recommend that
you should:

1) Remove all of your cards EXCEPT graphics, boot and look at interrupt
settings. Write them down or save a file somewhere.

2) If you have on-board devices, like sound or LAN, then you should
attempt (through BIOS if available) to put them on low-priority
interrupts. (3,4,5,6,7)

3) Add a card, such as your HDSP that drives the multi-face, on maybe
PCI slot 3, boot the machine, and look at what interrupt each device is
on. If you get 9 or 10 for the HDSP, then you're in pretty good shape.
If you do not, then again, set the PCI slot to IRQ 9 if available, or
try a different slot with just the HDSP and no other cards. (Always
graphics installed, obviously!)

4) Go through this process, adding a single card, booting, and looking
at which IRQ each card has, until you get your important sound card/s on
the best IRQs. Again, IRQ order is:


2 does not exist. (Or it's called 'cascade'.)

0,1 & 8 are not available.

9 is best, followed by 10, etc.

10 is as good as 9 if 9 is not used, or only used by acpi support.

Networking works fine on 3-7. 

   I hope this helps. Feel free to write directly if you have other


3) NOTE: On my machine, BIOS seems to move the USB interrupts around as
I chan

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