[linux-audio-user] Anyone using multiface+cardbus?

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 23 16:31:00 EST 2003

> Taking a look at /proc/interrupts I see that the
> pcmcia controller is at irq 
> 11, which it shares with eth0 when I'm online. 9 is
> not used.
> I guess it's looking ok then. Just have to stay
> offline when
> (in the future ;-) I'm using the multiface.

In the same spirit of your realization, I'm designing
a runlevel for my gentoo audio box. I use this machine
in the studio as an atalk/netatalk fileserver amongst
other things. So far, I'm shutting off all networking,
usb, cron and printing services in the new audio-print
runlevel. I saw in Jan Depner's documentation where he
shuts off services and turns on lowlatency using a

Jan's docs are another informative read. I don't have
a link available, sorry.


> > -- 
> Jaakko Prättälä
> Jaakko.Prattala at Helsinki.FI

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