[linux-audio-user] iCubeX experiences?

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Tue Mar 25 14:33:00 EST 2003


I installed icubex in my studio and it was quite a hassle. Included
software that came with icubex is outdated and does not compile, Paul
Davis's generous contribution looks like a great editor, but it depends
on defunct Quasimodo's libs so without some serious hacking, chances are
you won't be able to get it up-and-running (I did not have the time to
give it a shot at it, but I did spend a good amount of time trying to
compile proper libs without success). I also had a number of problems
trying to get the icube working under MacOS9. Finally, I resorted to
Windows (gasp!) where using the provided editor I hard-coded each of the
inputs as one type of the controller MIDI message, and after that the
thing worked like a charm in Pd. You just have to make sure to remember
which pins are used for which controllers, otherwise you might get messy
MIDI output.

Hope this helps!


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> greetings all!
> i am a bit of a controller freak and have just started looking into
> iCubeX system (http://www.infusionsystems.com/index.shtml).  i used to
> roll all of my own control devices, but i am a bit short on time as of
> late (full time jobs tend to do that).  i'd like to give this thing a
> chance.
> i see that paul davis (you rock, dude) wrote a gnu/linux editor for
> device that controls a limited subset of its features, but it looks
> the software hasn't been touched for some time.
> i am interested in using it with pd primarily and possibly jmax.  my
> question is this:  does anyone out there have any experience to share
> with me re: using this gadget with gnu/linux /only/.  i don't do
> at home, so i'd like to know what i can expect.
> anywho, enough of that...so, anyone know anything about this doo-dad?
> thanks!
> j.c.w.

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