[linux-audio-user] iCubeX experiences?

j.c.w. jcwjcw at qwest.net
Tue Mar 25 14:14:01 EST 2003

greetings all!

i am a bit of a controller freak and have just started looking into the 
iCubeX system (http://www.infusionsystems.com/index.shtml).  i used to 
roll all of my own control devices, but i am a bit short on time as of 
late (full time jobs tend to do that).  i'd like to give this thing a 

i see that paul davis (you rock, dude) wrote a gnu/linux editor for the 
device that controls a limited subset of its features, but it looks like 
the software hasn't been touched for some time.

i am interested in using it with pd primarily and possibly jmax.  my 
question is this:  does anyone out there have any experience to share 
with me re: using this gadget with gnu/linux /only/.  i don't do windows 
at home, so i'd like to know what i can expect.

anywho, enough of that...so, anyone know anything about this doo-dad?



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