[linux-audio-user] Notebook for audio

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Wed Mar 26 15:39:00 EST 2003

I am using Inspiron 8200 (Dell).

Powerful machine, everything is supported (even modem and custom
buttons). Dell support is also very good: I had originally an
Inspiron8000 at 850Mhz that I bought 2 years ago, then it broke down
last year and I got total replacement -- an Inspiron8200 at 1.8Ghz :-)
(definitely get a good warranty if you choose to go with Dell). I even
upgraded the video card myself -- something unthinkable in the portable
world. The only thing that I did not test is the firewire port (although
I think I saw somebody mention that it works).

The bad part about it is that it 's around 7+ lbs, so it's definitely a
hefty notebook. Other than that, it's fast, has great video card (Radeon
9000 or Nvidia GF4go), soundcard is decent (CS4205 with built-in
SPDIF-out -- something I did not get to test), but for any serious audio
work I'd recommend an external pcmcia card, such as rme hammerfall dsp.
All notebooks I've seen so far including powerbooks have problems when
hooked up to external power, and only using some extreme techniques are
you going to be able to get rid of the resulting noise. Inspiron also
has the problem when hooked to the power outlet, but it seems to be ok
when running on battery. Furthermore, it does have 2 a spindle design,
so you can easily plop 2 batteries in for a 5+ hour uptime.

Hope this helps!


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> Hallo Ralf,
> all is well in K.?
> Ralf Haller hat gesagt: // Ralf Haller wrote:
> > I am thinking of buying a notebok or subnotebook. However I don't
> > which one to get?
> >
> > Here are some requirements the notebook should meet:
> >
> > 1. Runnable with Linux (of course!)
> > 2. Reasonable sound support (recording and playback at least)
> I bought a laptop recently and I had to face it: There are no
> notebooks (except maybe the powerbooks) with reasonable/semi-pro
> sound built in. So you need to add an external soundbox or PC-Card in
> your calculation. There are cheap USB-cables like the one by Edirol.
> > 3. jack and adour should be able to run
> If ALSA runs, both of these should run, too. There are no new laptops
> under the 1 GHz border anymore, so you are on the safe side anyway.
> > 4. WLAN (either build in or via PC-Card)
> >
> > What notebooks do you use? What are your experiences?
> I have the Acer Travelmate 225 and it is a really nice notebook.
> Everything I use is supported (not the modem), I use APM and it runs
> more than 3 hours while playing mp3's with alsaplayer. It also is very
> silent, only if I compile ardour or the kernel, the fan goes on.
> I can recommend it. It's around 1000 Euro.
> ciao
> --
>  Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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