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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Mar 26 13:10:01 EST 2003

Hallo Ralf,

all is well in K.?

Ralf Haller hat gesagt: // Ralf Haller wrote:
> I am thinking of buying a notebok or subnotebook. However I don't know 
> which one to get?
> Here are some requirements the notebook should meet:
> 1. Runnable with Linux (of course!)
> 2. Reasonable sound support (recording and playback at least)

I bought a laptop recently and I had to face it: There are no
notebooks (except maybe the powerbooks) with reasonable/semi-pro
sound built in. So you need to add an external soundbox or PC-Card in
your calculation. There are cheap USB-cables like the one by Edirol.

> 3. jack and adour should be able to run

If ALSA runs, both of these should run, too. There are no new laptops
under the 1 GHz border anymore, so you are on the safe side anyway.

> 4. WLAN (either build in or via PC-Card)
> What notebooks do you use? What are your experiences?

I have the Acer Travelmate 225 and it is a really nice notebook.
Everything I use is supported (not the modem), I use APM and it runs
more than 3 hours while playing mp3's with alsaplayer. It also is very
silent, only if I compile ardour or the kernel, the fan goes on.

I can recommend it. It's around 1000 Euro.

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