[linux-audio-user] Raid setup (kinda OT)

Mark Knecht markknecht at attbi.com
Wed Mar 26 20:19:00 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 15:37, Vincent Touquet wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 07:19:17PM +0700, Darren Landrum wrote:
> >Mark Knecht writes:
> >
> >>   Personally, I get 32 channels today from a single 1394 hard drive
> >>   which
> >> suits my purposes very well. I haven't had the need to push further,
> >> but do this it would be interesting to try.
> >
> >Is that FireWire srive running under Linux? I would be interested in
> >knowing, as I'm still designing my studio setup. Thanks!
> Same here :)
> What are the specs ?
> regards,
> v

   The 32 channel number is under Windows ME and XP Home. It's limited
to 32 channels as that's a limitation of Pro Tools, not the drives. That
test was with 160 DigiDesign plugins at the same time on an Athlon XP
1600+ machine. If you have any reason to want to more about this test,
check out


   As for Linux, I'm still waiting for Alsa to really support my RME
hardware. It goes up and down, and right now it's down. For kicks,
awhile back I quickly recorded 26 channels in Ardour for 10 minutes with
no xruns at 24/44.1K/5mS latency. I didn't need to push the number of
record channels any harder than that as 26 is the number of inputs my
RME card gives me. I'd never really run a live recording at 5mS in real
life, and I didn't try at 1.3 or 2.6 mS, but I think it would probably
work. This test was with no plugins.

   If this doesn't answer specific questions, let me know.


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