[linux-audio-user] Notebook for audio

Matthew Yee-King yeeking at no-future.com
Fri Mar 28 04:30:01 EST 2003


rev A powerbook g4 400 here. 2yrs old and going strong!

> 1. Runnable with Linux (of course!)

yep thats all i run on it. 

> 2. Reasonable sound support (recording and playback at least)

no recording built in (why /did/ apple do that??) but more recent 
powerbooks do have the audio in again. Also the older g3 pbooks have 
audio in + out. i have a vxpocket 2 pcmcia pro sound card - linux 
drivers are working well for playback but not recording yet. Haven't 
managed to get jack running with this card yet. 

> 3. jack and adour should be able to run

yep - they work. adour gets a few xuns but i'm hoping i can fix this 
when i finally get round to building a low latency kernel. 

> 4. WLAN (either build in or via PC-Card)

airport card well supported under linux AFAIK (don't actually have one)

> What notebooks do you use? What are your experiences?

its a really great piece of hardware - well made, looks cool, nice 
screen, it will never run windows ME ;) There are some issues with 
endianess in certain audio apps - but these often get fixed by the 
developers once they know! or maybe you could fix them etc...



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