[linux-audio-user] Notebook for audio

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Mar 28 05:36:01 EST 2003

I'm using a Dell i8100 (1.2 ghz P3-M), my experiences are similar to
Ico's except the soundcard input in mine is pretty bad, and the spdif
doesn't work.

I can (or could, when they were new) get about 10 hours out of the
batteries. Its my main development machine as it has a great keyboard and
screen. The screen is better than anything I've seen on a desktop. OTOH
its so heavy that I had to stop carrying it home every evening cos it hurt
my back.

I've used WLAN cards in it with no problems, but the current Planet CCRMA
kernel doesn't have drivers for my card so it isn't working at the moment.
There are drivers for everything else though, including the graphics card.

- Steve

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