[linux-audio-user] Notebook for audio

Dave Griffiths dave at pawfal.org
Fri Mar 28 06:50:01 EST 2003

I'm using a ThinkPad R31 as my music machine (and development, and everything

The internal sound card is an Intel 810 which seems generally ok - duplex i/o
works in alsa, not in oss. Only mono microphone in. 
I've recently got a m-audio quattro usb soundcard to use with it, for the
multiple i/o and midi.

Generally I really like it, and it's replaced my desktop machine (for
everything except cd burning and PIC asm programming)

I don't use the batteries much, but I have got 3 or so hours out of it under
normal use, maybe longer.

It's pretty small and light - but not too much so, the keyboard is exactly the
same width as a normal desktop one without the keypad, so it's not too hard to
get used to. It feels pretty solid and nothing's fallen off or broken in the 7
 months I've had it for. :]


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