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D R Holsbeck drh at niptron.com
Sat Mar 29 00:00:01 EST 2003

I will second the Thinkpad suggestion ;-)

I have an A31, the onboard intel8x0 chip works ok, stero line in, mono
mic. Built in WLAN supported in Linux. It also has the Ultrabay2000
slot. I currently use it for a second hd, but you can get hot swappable
batteries for it. Screen is great. Works with Ardour and Jack very well.
And when the cardbus firmware issue, on the RME hdsp card, get fixed I
will be able to do 24chs in and out.

On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 05:40, Dave Griffiths wrote:
> I'm using a ThinkPad R31 as my music machine (and development, and everything
> else) 
> The internal sound card is an Intel 810 which seems generally ok - duplex i/o
> works in alsa, not in oss. Only mono microphone in. 
> I've recently got a m-audio quattro usb soundcard to use with it, for the
> multiple i/o and midi.
> Generally I really like it, and it's replaced my desktop machine (for
> everything except cd burning and PIC asm programming)
> I don't use the batteries much, but I have got 3 or so hours out of it under
> normal use, maybe longer.
> It's pretty small and light - but not too much so, the keyboard is exactly the
> same width as a normal desktop one without the keypad, so it's not too hard to
> get used to. It feels pretty solid and nothing's fallen off or broken in the 7
>  months I've had it for. :]
> dave
drh at niptron.com

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