[linux-audio-user] Notebook for audio

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Mar 31 11:12:00 EST 2003

D R Holsbeck wrote on Fri, 28-Mar-2003:

 > I have an A31, the onboard intel8x0 chip works ok, stero line in, mono
 > mic. Built in WLAN supported in Linux. It also has the Ultrabay2000
 > slot. I currently use it for a second hd, but you can get hot swappable
 > batteries for it. Screen is great. Works with Ardour and Jack very well.
 > And when the cardbus firmware issue, on the RME hdsp card, get fixed I
 > will be able to do 24chs in and out.

What is the status of the HDSP via cardbus (what is the firmware
problem)?  Also, what is the status of a TotalMix workalike capability to
use the matrix mixer for zero-latency monitoring?  Is it human resource-limited,
or a hardware-spec limited?

As for the Thinkpad A31, what about noise level, internal fan,
heat?  Any latency problems (when you had the HDSP working)?
How did you make the decision to go for the A31?  What
other machines did you consider?

I'm also considering going the laptop/RME hdsp/firewireHD portable studio
route, and looking at my options.   High resolution ( >= 1400x1050)
and quiet operation are my priorities.  I'm trying to decide between
the Thinkpad (A31), Sony VAIO GRS/GRX 700 (or another of the dizzying
array of models), or the Dell Inspiron 8500.  Built-in firewire not
a requirement, as long as 2 Cardbus slots are available.


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