[linux-audio-user] Notebook for audio

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Mon Mar 31 13:59:00 EST 2003

> What is the status of the HDSP via cardbus (what is the firmware
> problem)?  Also, what is the status of a TotalMix workalike capability to
> use the matrix mixer for zero-latency monitoring?  Is it human
> resource-limited,
> or a hardware-spec limited?

   I'm assuming this is the same issue as my HDSP 9652. If it's not, then
disregard the following.

1) RME released new firmware for a number of the cards in the HDSP line a
couple of months ago.

2) Some people are getting this firmware when they purchase new cards, HDSP
9652, DigiFace, MultFace, HDSP.

3) Some dummies like me had cards with supported firmware, but updated to
get better support under Windows and broke their Linux systems.

4) Paul did a patch for this new revision of firmware, but it hasn't yet
been committed to CVS.

5) There is work going on (by Thomas I think) to do a Total Mix clone. It is
unclear which HDSP cards will be supported and which will not. Paul did get
some code from RME, so I don't think we're spec limited.

6) There does not seem to be a schedule to get any of this into CVS. I guess
it will happen when it happens.

   Maybe there's more status somewhere, but I don't know it.


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