[linux-audio-user] PlanetCCRMA - RealPlayer -artsd problems

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Mar 31 14:14:00 EST 2003

>   I installed RealPlayer on a machine running RH 8.0 and PlanetCCRMA. At
> first it worked fine, but now it gets the following error on startup
> under KDE :
> 	Cannot allocate memory
>   Anyone know how to resolve the problem ? Is artsd the culprit here ?

Hmmm, why artsd? Do you have it running? 

>   RealPlayer also complains that another application has the sound
> device. Weird: this machine has a SBLive installed with the PlanetC ALSA
> drivers, I don't understand why RealPlayer complains about not being
> able to access the device. So, how do I check to see who's hogging the
> resources ?

I think you can use "fuser", so for example do:
  fuser /dev/dsp
and it should tell you which processes if any are using the resource...
I think realplayer uses the oss api. 

-- Fernando

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