[linux-audio-user] Multiple soundcards

Bryan Koschmann - GKT gktnews at gktech.net
Mon Mar 31 16:37:00 EST 2003

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Tobiah wrote:


First thank you for the reply. It has been very informative and I really
appreciate you taking the time to respond.

|You will be unhappy with this arrangement because the cards are not
|timed perfectly, and will slowly drift in time with respect to one another.

I have decided to use SB Lives for now (3-4 of them). I was told here that
they could also pose the same problem, it is okay for now as I am just
getting started doing some recording for home stuff.

|I'm guessing that your mics are in around the $50 price range.
|If they are condensers, then you have mics that will perform
|ok for casual recording.  your main problem here is going to
|be noise, noise, noise.  Aside from stepping up to $200 -$300
|mics, the greatest favor that you could do for yourself on a
|budget would be to get some channels of decent mic pre.

They were in fact around $50. Two Shure PG-57s and 1 Shure PG-48. I have
been trying to figure out what all I need, as I am quite confused about
the mixers and preamps. I shall explain later

|I went with a Mackie 1202-VLZPro mixer  I got one new for
|around $350 when it was first introduced.  It was worth every
|penny.  I'm pretty happy with the mic pre's.  They are really

I priced this and it is out of my price range now but will be within the
next month or two.

|This would also give you the ability to run your mics
|balanced ( using XLR on both ends of the cable)  which should
|make them run a little quieter.  You really have to do this in
|order to use the Mackie properly.  i'm assuming that you have
|a couple of Radio Shack mics that are really balanced,
|but end in unbalanced phone plug so as not to confuse the

I hate Radio Shack :) I got the Shures from Ted Brown music. They have XLR
plugs and I have a "transformer" for a 1/4".

|The mixer also gives you the ability to run mics that need
|phantom power, which they will, when you finally realize that
|your present mics are crippling your recordings, and you move
|up to the low end pro stuff.

That would be helpful down the line. I am sure I will be upgrading
equipment when my needs grow, however for now I'll have to stick with my
current mics. Any input on the Shure mics for a newbie?

Thanks for the help,


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