[linux-audio-user] xruns: file system ext3 --> reiserfs?

Jon Bonds Jon.Bonds at BMHCC.org
Fri May 2 16:29:01 EDT 2003

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Mark Knecht wrote:

>There are some kernel patches out there dating back to last year, along
>with some technical info, but possibly those require a kernel recompile
>which is a pretty drastic step for you to take right now. 
>Here's one interesting thread I found with some interesting info:

i tried applying the 2.4.20 + ext3 kernel patches located at
earlier this week. not only did they not apply properly, but they 
screwed up my low-latency and preemptive patches too. luckily, the 
errors were so bad that the kernel simply didn't compile. so i think i 
will pass on any more kernel-tinkering.

so, back to plan A: with all of your helpful suggestions, i will convert 
file systems this eve. the good news so far is that running PD under 
Alsa as root with an -rt flag does wonders for the sound [nothing 
glitches it up except moving a window on screen], so i predict much Jack 
happiness with its own realtime capabilities working right.

[why not run realtime Jack as root? you may ask... on my setup, with the 
new shm version of Jack, running it as root makes a logfile in the 
/dev/shm directory which not only jams up the Jack/Alsa communication 
somehow, but also prevents an ordinary user from starting Jack until 
this logfile is removed. don't know if this is the case for any of the 
rest of y'all.]

best + thx again everybody for a very informative thread,

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