[linux-audio-user] Start audio apps in different virtual desktops

Tarragon Allen lists at n12turbo.com
Wed May 7 12:49:00 EDT 2003

On Thu, 8 May 2003 01:33 am, Antonis Galanopoulos wrote:
> Hi all
> I m writing a simple script to start a few audio apps and connect them
> automagically. What I would like is to make certain windows to appear in a
> different virtual desktop. For example Ardour edit window in 1, ardour
> mixer in 2, pd in three etc.
> Is that possible?
> I use KDE.  Is it something KDE specific?
> I tried to google for it but I dont know what to google for really.
> Any help appreciated as usual

You'd have to have xinerama enabled in X, firstly, and the application would 
need to be xinerama aware in order to place it's windows correctly. Not many 
apps (sound or otherwise) that I'm know of are this aware.

If you're running with xinerama switched on it's a simple process to drag the 
mixer window to a different screen though, I do this all the time in Ardour, 
and in fact Ardour does remember the window settings correctly, at least it 
does for me.

As far as KDE goes, once xinerama is enabled in X11, there are some options in 
KDE (version 3+) related to xinerama you might want to play with.
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