[linux-audio-user] Portable USB disk recorder?

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Fri May 9 13:53:00 EDT 2003

How about the MiniDisc recorders. They are very good quality (some claim
99.9% of the CD quality), and very affordable (i.e. $200 range).

Also, consider PocketPC running Linux or Windoze (iPaq with the
coresound's addition), although this might get messy (in terms of
transferring large files onto the main computer via USB 1.0 protocol)
and possibly rather expensive.

Ivica Ico Bukvic, composer & multimedia sculptor

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> Subject: [linux-audio-user] Portable USB disk recorder?
> Hello. Would any of you know if anyone manufactures a portable
> USB disk recorder? It needs to work as standard USB disk so that
> I may freely use it in any Linux and in any MS Windows 2000/XP.
> Below is what I have found so far:
>  Creative, Nomad Jukebox, http://www.nomadworld.com
>    -Good but requires a proprietary driver
>  Archos, Jukebox Recorder 20, http://www.archos.com/
>    -Records only mp3 and at rate 160 kbps
> I don't understand why Creative always make their products
> too complicated: SB Live, Jukebox and all. What's wrong in them?
> OK, I have waited several years for a portable hard disk recorder
>  to be used in my free sound library project, and it looks like
> I never get such a recorder. I don't have money to buy an expensive
> portable DAT recorder. Are there other options? Help.
> Best regards,
> Juhana

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