[linux-audio-user] (semi)professional "field" recording work, what to use?

Len Moskowitz vze24hrw at verizon.net
Wed May 14 20:47:01 EDT 2003

"derek holzer" <derek at x-i.net> wrote:

> ...when i go out to record in the field, i want at least 2
> hours of media with me. that's almost a gig and a half of stereo data,
> and that's easily 500 EUR worth of flash media cards.... gets pricey

You can get a 2 GB PC Card hard drive for $75, or a 5 GB hard drive for
$150.  Those prices are dropping quickly.

> i  guess you could justify it in the long run by analzying how many MDs or
> DAT tapes you would eventually buy. but at least with an MD or DAT tape,
> you always have the original as a backup somewhere.

With the CF memory or hard drive you can transfer the files to a CD-ROM and
re-use them as often as you like.

Also, you can do as the digital photographers do and transfer files to a
"digital wallet" with tens of gigabytes of storage.

Len Moskowitz
Core Sound

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