[linux-audio-user] Frustrated, small review on sequencers :(

Juan Linietsky coding at reduz.com.ar
Sun May 18 22:57:01 EDT 2003

Hi, I basically write this because i'm pretty frustrated :)
Today I wanted to learn how to use a typical sequencer
(I mantain my own midi sequencer, but it's not very typical)
I simply wanted a sequencer that supports a track editor
and a pianoroll.

So I went and checked some. Tried to see if I could 
get stuff done with any of them, so In order of what I tried,
I'll list them here in the order I used them:

Rosegardern (KDE version):

This program looks very, very nice and professional, It
makes a lot of sense to me when I use it, and the keyboard
support is fantastic and intuitive. It detected my midi devices
and got them ready to work automatically, but
unfortunatedly, but some things I dont understand
very well, and the documentation isnt very detailed
Also, the pianoroll doesnt seem to be nearly as
worked on as the staff sheet editor. What
turned me out of this program is mainly
that it's very, VERY unstable. A lot of things
I try to do get it to crash almost instantly.
I suppose i'll wait a while until it becomes more usable.


This one looked pretty good at the begining, but
some things I dont like. First of all, it didnt detect
the midi devices properly, as i had to go and reset
them in the midi ports menu. MIDI input worked
some times, and some others it didnt, and the
overall interface is pretty UNintuitive. Many
essential parts of the program lack proper shortcuts,
and the ability to customize them (like rosegarden).
I spent the most time with MUSE, trying to figure
out how to do things. In most cases it took me a while
but it wasnt bad, just strangely organized (like the track
menu, the way you add tracks, the master tempo).
The pianoroll looks good, but it lacks a lot of keyboard
support, and also Painting events doesnt seem to be
working, as i cant paint no matter how much I try.
Documentation is too basic to learn how to use the
program efficiently. It also crashes a lot, but
on more specific situations.


Totally wicked interface, and I _hate_ the fact that relies on ARTS,
It seems pretty basic, so I didnt give this much of a chance,
didnt detect a simple thing (midi/audio).


Saw some screenshots, looked-like-motiff. Didnt even want to try it.

In short, I didnt find anything I could use and be efficient with.
Since the last time I evaluated this software, probably a year
ago, I saw several improvements on each, and the addition
of a lot of new features. Feature-wise, I can easily say
that rosegarden and muse are way ahead of programs
such as cubase or cakewalk from not more than 2 or 3 years ago,
but I think their main problem is consistency and lack of documentation
on "how to use this" and "how to use this efficiently".

So I propose something, i dont know if anyone
writes professional music with these. 
Does anyone use such programs at all
Could you post project files for these,
and would you like to explain in brief
how do you use them efficiently?

Thanks and my apoligies if i said something being


Juan Linietsky

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