[linux-audio-user] Audigy 6.1 platinum and Linux

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Wed May 28 13:12:01 EDT 2003

Hi Ron,

The thread started with an inquiry about which soundcards support Soundfont on 
their onboard synth chip, so it was perhaps not exactly what you thought it 

Though what you ask, syncing synths to software apps is probably involved :)

The sb-live card (and it's siblings, ancestors and children) is in essence a 
low cost samplingsynth. By putting a bunch of these into a computer case I 
guess you could construct a fairly well working "external" synth.

As for syncing, they would be controlled by midi, I'm not sure what you where 
aiming at here exactly, all synths do that don't they?

Some of the cards have sp-dif, some of the newer even have firewire (or 
sb-firewire whatever that means (probably that it's broken)) so in theory 
they would have pretty good soundquality as well as sync possibilities...


> Hi,
> I didn't catch the beginning of this thread. Are you
> guys syncing external synths to software apps? If yes,
> how, what applications, protocols and hardware?
> ron
> --- Daniel James <daniel at mondodesigno.com> wrote:
> > > The only
> > > concern here is that Fluidsynth will consume CPU
> > resources which
> > > the hardware synth won't.
> > 
> > And the hardware synth 'just works', as long as you
> > have sfxload 
> > installed. You could turn a very low spec machine
> > into a flexible 
> > MIDI sound module this way. We've kept our SB Live
> > as a second card 
> > for just this job, even though we have a much better
> > card for 
> > recording audio now.
> > 

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