[linux-audio-user] Re: Soundblaster Live w/Live Drive

Reuben Martin MartinR at jbu.edu
Sun Nov 2 18:40:09 EST 2003

>Yes, I'm using qjackctl, but all I have is capture_1, capture_2,
>playback_1, playback_2. I've got it set to hw:0, but these are the only
>ports I get.
>- Adam

That's probably because these are the only ports the sound card directly supports. (I can't be sure, I don't own one) The multichannel support is probably only available when you send an encoded digital stream to the card (something like AC3 for example) and the card then decodes it with an onboard chip for multichannel sound.

Cards like these are generally not true multichannel cards in the sense that you would use for professional audio applications. They are consumer grade cards that feature onboard multichannel decoding so that Joe wintel user can have his surround sound while watching DVDs on his computer.

You could try looking around in the documentation available on ALSA's sound card matrix, online documentation or wiki.


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