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Fri Nov 7 01:01:25 EST 2003

On Friday 07 November 2003 16:34, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> Aaron Trumm wrote:
> >mine's real brand spankin' new
> >
> >>how long have you had your burner?.....
> >>mine is pooping out thesedays after a lot of wear and tear and im
> >>getting about the same ratio of coasters too.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>the other thing i'm guessing at is that maybe cdrecord / xcdroast arent
> >>compatible with 52x burners?....
> >
> >now this is an interesting theory - ties into the other guy's suggestion
> > of burning slower.  I'd bet that would work if not being compatible with
> > 52x was the problem
> >
> >I did notice stuff like, on xcdroast, it would go to write the first track
> >and just apparentely haul ass - it would report that it was burning at
> > like 243x - like WHOA slow down there cheeko!  maybe forcing a certain
> > speed (slower than 52x) would prevent this from happening
> I have a 52x32x52x LG writer, these are my experiences:
> - Depending on your version of cdrecord, you'd better have ide-scsi
> emulation (some models are supported already via ATAPI)
> - Also make sure you have the burner on the PRIMARI bus of your IDE
> channel (I have mine as primary and my DVD as secondary, both on ide-scsi)
> - Try using cdrdao also (XCDRoast is more like a *frontend* for cdrecord
> *and* cdrdao, but depending on the options selected it will use either
> one or the other).
> - Depending on your distro, you may have real trouble to make you CD
> writer work as a regular user (without you needing to change a ton of
> perms, that is), RH is especially difficult here (but still possible, if
> you like check this post I made over at
> http://www.slackercentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47869, I there
> post about how to obtain user access to the writer.

I've had success in dealing with some burning problems by running :

hdparm -d1 -X34 /dev/hdc

.. of course, replacing /dev/hdc with whatever your CD drive is. It appears 
some burners don't like full DMA. That said, I was able to burn audio CD's on 
my burner with full DMA enable, but couldn't burn data CD's without running 
the above command.

I also religiously use the ide-scsi layer, but that can be a bit tricky to set 

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