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Gustavo Zamorano S. gzsuniq at cableonda.net
Fri Nov 7 01:34:23 EST 2003

My burner reads at 52x, writes up to 8x.  It is a LG.
I usually write at 4x or 3x.
I was trying to create an audio CD trying to recover a very scratched 
CD.  Grip very slowly has recovered all tracks after some extra cleanning.
I was trying to write with:

cdrecord -v speed=2 dev=0,0,0 -pad   *.wav

And it was returning with error.

Then I added -dao:
cdrecord -v speed=2 -dao dev=0,0,0 -pad   *.wav

Now, it is working... It is burning track 7 so far.


iriXx wrote:
> how long have you had your burner?.....
> mine is pooping out thesedays after a lot of wear and tear and im 
> getting about the same ratio of coasters too.
> the other thing i'm guessing at is that maybe cdrecord / xcdroast arent 
> compatible with 52x burners?....
> Aaron Trumm wrote:
>> Hello list!
>> I'm having some trouble with burning CD's and having trouble finding 
>> sources
>> of info - I don't know if I'm just not looking very hard or well, or 
>> if I'm
>> really getting stuck
>> basically, right now on my system, they end up being coasters about 
>> 90% of
>> the time - I've been trying both cdrecord and xcdroast and both either do
>> the burn (i've tried burning iso files for backups and also doing 
>> audio cds)
>> or they'll have some sort of error, fixate, and eject the disk early 
>> in the
>> process
>> I assume this is an issue with the hardware, I guess - I have an artec 
>> 52x
>> burner
>> other than this I don't have all that much info at my fingertips (I'm 
>> at the
>> wrong computer) - but I'm trying to find stuff to start reading, 
>> checking,
>> etc...
>> any ideas would be appreciated!  thanks!
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