[linux-audio-user] CD Burning...

Maarten de Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Fri Nov 7 04:36:02 EST 2003


I believe this will give you an audio CD that will have 2 seconds of
silence inbetween the tracks, which will be very annoying if the tracks
have been designed to continue smoothly. (Though I am not sure what
cdrecord -dao actually does)

What I do in such a case is using cdparanoia (I think grip does use
cdparanoia under the hood, but I just prefer command line tools for this
kind of batch jobs, and I like to adjust cdparanoia's settings) to
extract the individual wav files. Then I use

$ cdrdao read-toc --device X,Y,Z foo.toc

to extract the table of contents from the original cd, edit the toc file
by hand to use the individual wav files (changing the FILE lines, 
changing "data.wav" to "trackXX.wav" for each file, and changing the time
offset (the first time parameter after each filename) to 0:00:00), and
than I write it to disc with

$ cdrdao write --device foo.toc

(depending on your device, you may need to specify the driver)

Maybe there is an easier way to do this - I guess cdparanoia could extract
all files to 1 single wav file, but this way I can convert to wav files do
mp3/ogg as well.

As a side effect, your copy will have a valid CDDB ID as well :-)


> I was trying to create an audio CD trying to recover a very scratched 
> CD.  Grip very slowly has recovered all tracks after some extra cleanning.
> I was trying to write with:
> cdrecord -v speed=2 dev=0,0,0 -pad   *.wav
> And it was returning with error.
> Then I added -dao:
> cdrecord -v speed=2 -dao dev=0,0,0 -pad   *.wav
> Now, it is working... It is burning track 7 so far.

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