[linux-audio-user] next step in my linux audio project...

Hartmut Z Noack symposion at onlinehome.de
Mon Nov 17 08:03:32 EST 2003

Am Die, 2003-11-11 um 09.02 schrieb Aaron Trumm:
> Hello all
> Ok I'm to the next phase of my linux audio project and that is getting real
> cuddly familiar with composing/tone generating stuff - soft synths,
> sequencers, etc.  anything that juices the first step of the creative
> process
> what do people like to use?  reccommend?  badass tutorials?
> obviously, since I'm using planet ccrma I'm well on my way, but I thought
> I'd ask people :)
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to get good synthsounds and some strange hi quality noises: ZynaddSubFX
to get everything taht could be described as "a sound": ams (plus
to arrange it: muse
to record/mix it: ardour

if you are satisfied with ccrma, just get the stuff and enjoy
if you are looking for something else : 


beside some of the best in Linux Audio (and Imaging ...) as binaries for
the excellent MANDRAKE-Linux 9.1 (including *all* needed deps!) you'll
find some really usefull tutorials there also

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