[linux-audio-user] looking for audio compositor/sequencer

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki eric at zhevny.com
Wed Nov 12 21:40:25 EST 2003

as promised .... (and for what it's worth)

box1:~/bin$ cat guitar_mix_pre.sh 
# guitar_mix_pre.sh
# follow up script to guitar_mix_pre.py
# concatenates files [0-11].wav to track[1-4].wav
# using ecasound cut and paste operations.
# all of the files from the pool are between 300.0 and 301.44 
# seconds long ... there might be some way to get the length
# from ecalength and use that when concatenating ...
# for now assume all files are 302s long
# eventually do this from python with ECI or python EIM
# and get the real length of each file before appending
# (or maybe just never worry about that and leave the gaps)

eca="ecasound -q"
cd $tmp_dir

for i in `seq 1 4`; do
    #first 1/3
    mv -f $c.wav track$i.wav
    #second 1/3
    $eca -i $c.wav -o track$i.wav -y:302
    rm -f $c.wav
    #third 1/3
    $eca -i $c.wav -o track$i.wav -y:604
    rm -f $c.wav

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:
> To be more specific and add another vote for ecasound, here is an
> example from the ecasound docs at
> http://www.wakkanet.fi/~kaiv/ecasound/Documentation/examples.html:
> " Cut, copy and paste
>    1. ecasound -i bigfile.wav -o part1.wav -t:60.0
>    2. ecasound -i bigfile.wav -y:60.0 -o part2.wav
>       Here's a simple example where first 60 seconds of bigfile.wav is
> written to part1.wav and the rest to part2.wav. If you want to combine
> these files back to one big file:
>    3. ecasound -i part2.wav -o part1.wav -y:500
>       part2.wav is appended to part1.wav "
> I'm using this functionality in a shell script that takes 12 ~5 minute
> wav files and concatenates them into 4 ~15 minutes wav files. I'll post
> it tonight when I get home from work.
> ecasound can also give you the length in seconds (and milliseconds) of a
> file so that you can possible script your insertion points ... I haven't
> figured that out exactly, yet, but believe it can be done by parsing the
> output of ecalength (an ecasound tool included with ecasound). There may
> be a cleaner, easier way as well.
> -Eric Rz.

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