[linux-audio-user] Re: 2.6.0 song theme... request.

Paul thompson at pobox.com
Thu Nov 13 02:09:45 EST 2003

Gian Paolo Mureddu <thetargos at tutopia.com>, on Wed Nov 12, 2003 [10:44:04 AM] said:
>    A few days ago (like a week or so) someone posted a link to this 
> incredible song. Now my request is to ask the author or any other user 
> who might have a better clue than I as to what do the lyrics say. Since 
> English is not my mother language I have been having a hard time to 
> decipher some parts or the song (though I undertand pretty much 
> everything :-) ).
> Ohhh... And ATM I'm at another computer, could you please also post the 
> link again so I can grab the song in this computer?
> Thanks, all!.


	For fun, I tried to transcribe this song. (I
am a native english speaker.) Here is what I got:

two point six, comming up slowly,
running like a dream
the modules are loading,
the legacy's exploding,
[trustix][true sticks][trust its][?] not the only joy Im experiencing
snappy desktop on my screen
running like a dream
the future is unfolded, corporations can hold me[?]
Im feeling like the master of my own productivity

two point six, growing up smoothly
dreaming on the run
computing again is fun
and Im not the only one
this is the future right here in front of me
and its all free
and its all beautiful
and its usable
and Im staring at the screen

(originally posted by Austin <aacton AT yorku.ca>)

set at pobox.com

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