[linux-audio-user] Re: 2.6.0 song theme... request.

Austin aacton at yorku.ca
Thu Nov 13 09:28:36 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 02:09, Paul wrote:
> [trustix][true sticks][trust its][?] not the only joy Im experiencing

That's "the joystick's not the only joy I'm experiencing."

> the future is unfolded, corporations can hold me[?]

And that's "corporations can't hold me."
Just for the record.

By the way, I've had about 2500 downloads so far, which is insane.  I
wrote it in 20 minutes, and recorded it in one take.  No intention of
stardom here.  I've had overwhelmingly positive comments though. 
Strangely, all the negative feedback I've received has been from
Poland.  No idea why.  Is Poland known for it's classy, refined musical

Anyway, thanks for all your support.

Seems like there is a desire for a linux ditty or two now and then.

Of course, the best one of all time is this:

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