[linux-audio-user] Jack transport...

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Sun Nov 16 01:26:57 EST 2003

hi all - I'm trying to understand the concept of Jack Transport, so I can
understand what's not working, and what I'm just missing...

here's an example I crossing my fingers on, but figured wouldn't work:  run
jack, run ardour, run rosegarden.  set ardour to "jack transport master" and
rosegarden to "jack transport slave" - play ardour, hope that rosegarden
starts up - of course this didn't happen, but I can hope! :)

I knew it wouldn't happen, because the sync capabilities in both programs
aren't done, I know that part - but I was curious if it would try at least,
or what

but then it occurred to me that even with everything working, there may be
something more to do, perhaps with Jack  (what?  I dunno maybe
jackd --enablethedamntransport or something :) ) - so I thought I'd try and
find this out - and as always, I look around a bit, and if I don't start
finding mention of it pretty quick, I ask this list...

Houston Poetry Slam Team
NQuit Records

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