[linux-audio-user] Retro UNIX Programming for Audio

Benjamin Flaming lau at solobanjo.com
Sun Nov 16 18:29:08 EST 2003

On Sunday 16 November 2003 04:02 pm, davidrclark at earthlink.net wrote:
> Greetings Linux Audio Users.
> This posting is to announce and describe a project that I have
> undertaken over the past two years with the grand hope that somebody
> may care.   My goal is to gauge outside interest to determine whether
> or not to spend time packaging the source code for distribution, which
> I have not even started yet.  It would be some time before a release
> package was available, for which I apologize.
> To provide a very brief description of the project: It could be
> described as CSound without the CSound environment; things are done
> via ordinary scripts and at the command line.  It's also like the
> GLAME Filternetwork, but without pictures or a GUI.  A lame version of
> GLAME?  Perhaps it most closely resembles ecasound, except that it's a
> set of programs for audio in the same manner that awk, grep, tr,
> paste, and sed are for text files.   Ah, but there is more....

     I, for one, am very interested in this concept.  I'd toyed with the idea 
of trying to do something along similar lines, but never went anywhere with 

     The description you provide at the URL from your e-mail sounds very 
interesting, and I was disappointed that you didn't have some clearer 
demonstrations and/or examples.  If storage space or network bandwidth is an 
issue, I'd suggest that fewer examples at higher-quality levels would be 
preferable to more examples encoded with compromised quality.  Perhaps you 
could consider fading the two longer examples out halfway through, and 
encoding them at twice their current bitrate?

     I'm particularly interested in your 3-d room simulations, and I would 
love to hear both wet and dry versions of the drum loops.  The drum sound on 
the far left in "Strange Drums" amazed me.  I'd also be interested in 
listening to a string of impulse responses generated by several different 

     In summary, my vote is: Yes - please release your code as soon as you 
feel comfortable doing so, and please provide some better examples so I can 
get even more excited than I am now ;)


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