[linux-audio-user] jack stereo

Paul Brossier piem-lists at altern.org
Sun Nov 16 21:03:51 EST 2003

Hi all.

I had a sudden doubt about my left and my right.

I was firing up jack (through qjackctl, lazy i am) and then 
'alsaplayer -o jack somefiles*', getting the output playing 
But then when i tried to mute a channel with the balance 
in alsaplayer, the unmuted channel was sent to both speakers. 
Even when disconnecting the left cable, the right channel was 
still outputed on both left and right ?!

I found the trick while writing this email, so i thought i should 
let you know. The culprit was the 3D Control switch of my emu10k1, 
which was set to on. Note for later, i won't use these one and a 
half D things again :)

Cheers, piem

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