[linux-audio-user] Linux Audio Article in CM Special

Natalia Rakowski soulsource at cox.net
Mon Nov 17 18:09:23 EST 2003

Hello -

Just wanted to let everyone know that an article that I wrote about Linux
Audio is in the current Special Issue of Computer Music magazine.  It is
Special Issue #6 - Get Professional.  It came out in the U.K. on the 30th of
October and should be making its way to the U.S. and other destinations
soon.  I would love to get feedback about this article directly at:
soulsource at cox.net.  I am doing my best to try to convince more music tech
magazines to publish articles about Linux as a viable music OS -- so if you
liked the article, please try to e-mail a note to the magazine saying so...

Thanks everyone!

-- N

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