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 Sorry for the super late notice, but I am doing a Linux Audio Workshop
 for artists in Queens, today Sunday Nov 30th from 3pm to 6pm.  It is
 quite informal and free, the main goal is to demystify Linux as a work
 platform for artists.

 I will not be going into the nitty gritty of getting applications and
 drivers running, I will rather be showing off several applications on a
 functioning debian system: ardour, pd, audacity, the ladspa plugins, but
 generally the format will be rather loose.

 The workshop is being held as part of the technology initiative of the
 flux factory an artist's community in queens.  Flux Factory will be
 hosting an installfest in the future to deal with the hairer bits of
 installing a artist's work station (stay tuned).

 About the workshops: http://fluxfactory.org/workshop/work.htm

 Directions to flux: http://fluxfactory.org/how.htm



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