[linux-audio-user] piano keys

Guy Daniel CLOTILDE guy.clotilde at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 3 14:21:00 EDT 2003

Alexandre Prokoudine wrote / a écrit:
> > 
> Hi.
> I'm not designer at all, but I'd like to make you think about producing
> some graphics under free license for using in audio opesource software.
> What I;m thinking about is some web-resource, where developers could ask
> artists for help. May be linux-audio-announcement@ could be fine for that
> purpose.
> As an impact I'm uploading
> www.lrn.ru/~avp/files/piano.sodipodi
> www.lrn.ru/~avp/files/piano.png
> under FreeArt License (http://artlibre.org/i)
> Feel free to use, modify and redistribute it.

Thanks, I think I'll use it.

I agree with the idea of a repository for Free (as in GPL) music-related graphics. Here could come music-related icons from KDE, Gnome or from other GPL-compatible apps, and with appropriate linking to the original program.
I think there was a thread about graphics some monthes ago here, but I don't know if something has been made concrete.

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