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Wed Sep 3 22:07:01 EDT 2003

Guy Daniel CLOTILDE wrote:

> Alexandre Prokoudine wrote / a écrit:
>>I'm not designer at all, but I'd like to make you think about producing
>>some graphics under free license for using in audio opesource software.
>>What I;m thinking about is some web-resource, where developers could ask
>>artists for help. May be linux-audio-announcement@ could be fine for that
>>As an impact I'm uploading
>>under FreeArt License (http://artlibre.org/i)
>>Feel free to use, modify and redistribute it.
> Thanks, I think I'll use it.
> I agree with the idea of a repository for Free (as in GPL) music-related graphics. Here could come music-related icons from KDE, Gnome or from other GPL-compatible apps, and with appropriate linking to the original program.
> I think there was a thread about graphics some monthes ago here, but I don't know if something has been made concrete.

i agree too... i had a potter around and made some nice mixer graphics 
but never had time to go further with them. i'd like to work on this 
from time to time too, and all my work is publised Libre.


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