[linux-audio-user] Problems with Redhat 9(Shrike)

Tim Hall tim at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Tue Sep 16 07:33:00 EDT 2003

I use Debian/stable plus the packages available via DeMuDi/agnula. I also 
found Debian ok to install, although you do have to know your hardware better 
as it doesn't auto-detect much. You can install the bulk of it plus low-lat 
kernel using tasksel during the second part of the installation process. Last 
I looked it wasn't actually labelled as such, but the option is there. I had 
to do a little 'figuration on my system to get the music apps to work, but 
mine's an old box cobbled together out of bits. It is so easy to keep it up 
to date (that's 6 months out of date for /stable :-)


tim hall

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On Monday 15 September 2003 23:03, Burkhard Ritter wrote:
> You might want to have a look at Debian/unstable. Debian has the
> reputation of being not that easy to install (I had no problems, though;
> And these guys are developing a new installer, I think), but once
> it's up and running it is really easy to keep up to date. Furthermore,
> Debian comes with a _really_ huge amount of packages, containing all the
> audio apps you need (I think).

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