[linux-audio-user] Loops

Rick Taylor ricktaylor at speakeasy.net
Wed Sep 17 19:16:00 EDT 2003

> >>Rick Taylor wrote:
> >>>Andy Cragg <caesura at freenetname.co.uk> wrote:

> >>>Why not use loops in Ardour?

> >>Go on then, how do you do that?  :)

> > like you would in anything else... line them up, put fades and effects on them,
> > toss other stuff into the mix.

> > Why is this difficult? Are you looking for something like fruity loops that
> > makes it easy to assemble the loops themselves? What sort of functionality
> > are you wanting?

> I can load sample files into Ardour (but can't line them up without 
> pixel-precision accuracy with the mouse ...) apply fx etc but I'd like 
> to select a section of a track and listen to it over and over (applying 
> fx, listen for mistakes etc) - Ardour does not have this facilty.  I'd 
> like : select a section, play, tweeek just that section without having 
> to press play over and over again.

 Load it in rezound and play it over and over tweaking and fiddling to
 your hearts content... until you think you have it right. Then export
 it. You could actually export it to the length of your song and edit
 from there.

> All windows audio apps have this facillty :)

 That's nice.

> How do people here edit your tracks - do you place the start point 
> somewhere, press play, listen, press stop, put the start point back, 
> press play, listen ... seems odd to me.  Even my old Yamaha QY-10 had a 
> loop facility, and my cassette tape portastudio had one!

 You could set your program to loop.

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