[linux-audio-user] JACK splat

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Thu Sep 18 09:52:01 EDT 2003


Thursday 18 September 2003 15:08 skrev Taybin Rutkin:
> What's your soundcard?  I think being able to open a sound device multiple
> times is dependent on if the hardware supports that. 
Yeah, I've got several emu10k based cards where this is no problem either.

Dunno how it works with my envy24 card, as I generally only run one app at the 
time towards that card, I guess it only allows one user though.

My work computer which has really lousy ac97 drivers definately locks things 
pretty badly.

IIRC it's possible to open devices in non blocking mode, for which this 
problem is not as apparent. The application that isn't allowed to use the 
card can atleast exit with a reasonable error message.


> I can run jack and 
> xmms (without the jack plugin) concurrently on my sb512.
> Taybin
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> Robert Jonsson wrote:
> > Thursday 18 September 2003 14:19 skrev Dave Phillips:
> > > Greetings:
> > >
> > >   I'm having an interesting problem with JACK (0.81.1). When running it
> > > I can't start non-JACK apps, e.g., after starting JACK (with Rui's neat
> > > qjackctl) I'm unable to open Snd until I stop JACK. Is this expected
> > > behavior ? I hope not...
> >
> > Are you sure you could do it with other versions of Jack?
> Now that I think about it, no, I'm not sure about that. I've usually
> reserved JACK use for Ardour, so I might not have ever tried running a
> non-JACK app with the server open.
> > I don't know how Snd works, but it seems probable that it opens the
> > sound-device on startup. And if it is occupied by a sound-server, any
> > sound-server, the app may not start.
> I'm pretty sure Snd operates in just that manner, and I understand what
> you're telling me. I also tried opening it with jacklaunch but got no
> joy. :(
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