[linux-audio-user] Re: HDSP Firmware?

Robert Epprecht epprecht at solnet.ch
Sun Sep 21 04:01:01 EDT 2003

"Gustavo Zamorano S." <gzsuniq at cableonda.net> writes:

> If you are getting revision 32, I think it should be in hex.

Sure, but *is* there a revision with such a high number?

For the Hammerfall DSP system I can only find version 11 (hex 0b) on
RME's web site.  0b is also the version I use and which seems to work
for me.  I did have problems with 0a, but other people run 0a without
any problems.  Maybe my system is just misconfigured, I don't know.

Robert Epprecht

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