[linux-audio-user] Delta 1010LT Preamp Gain

Greg Reddin gtreddin at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 23 11:22:00 EDT 2003

Does anyone know if the ADC 0 and ADC 1 controls on envy24control
actually control the preamp gain on the M-Audio Delta 1010LT or would
it just be the AD converter levels?

My eventual goal is to use my DAW as a PA processor for small road
gigs using Freqtweak or something similar for the master EQ and
dynamics processing for FOH and monitors.  As a proof of concept I
connected the XLR outputs of an Allen & Heath console to the XLR
inputs of my Delta 1010LT and connected the outputs of the Delta
1010LT to the power amp.  I was not able to get good levels without
distortion and I suspect it is because I need to decrease the gain on
the mic preamps in the 1010LT.  I would've connected to the
line-level RCA inputs, but I didn't have a cable handy to try that.  

The problem seemed to persist even if I lowered the faders on the
console.  So does the preamp gain sound suspicious or am I connecting
something with too much of an output level to a mic preamp to begin
with or does it seem like something else?  I'm pretty sure I'm not
driving the amps with too much level frin the DAW.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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