[linux-audio-user] HDSP and "play"

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Fri Sep 26 15:00:05 EDT 2003

yes, I own the HDSP 9652

and I too forgot about this mess - yes, you must tell us which thing you
have.  if you can't quite glean the model numbers, etc., describe the hell
out of it

for example:  the HDSP 9652 is a card with a bunch of optical, spdif, midi
and word clock plugs, it goes in a pci slot, and has no outboard
thingamagics like a multiface or anything

(that's the LEAST technical languaging I think I have EVER used! :) )

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> >
> > This sounds a bit like what Mark Knecht was describing that was
> > with his HDSP
> >
> > he downgraded the HDSP firmware from rev 68 to rev 65...
> >
> Yes, but the problem is that RME made a mess of their product names, so I
> not know what hardware he is speaking of in this thread.
> For the record, I (and Aaron I believe) do not own the 'HDSP', which I
> is the PCI card that works with the DigiFace & MultiFace. (Others might
> a different opinion of what the 'HDSP' is. Maybe it's just an acronym for
> the 'Hammerfall DSP' which is only a product line name and not an actual
> product.)
> I own an HDSP 9652. This problem does sound a bit like my experience with
> rev 68 firmware on my HDSP 9652 with the unpatched CVS 0.9.6 driver.
> Please, to everyone, try to give the complete name of your hardware as the
> solutions for the HDSP 9652 are completely separate from the HDSP/DF/MF
> solutions which are completely different from the HDSP 9632 also.
> what a mess, 'eh? ;-)
> - Mark

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