[linux-audio-user] Filesystem: Ardour / SWD / Laptop

glimt glimt at littlebrother.org
Sun Sep 28 19:28:01 EDT 2003

Laptops go into suspend mode, come out of suspend mode, support suspend to
disk, etc.  Most of the bugs I have seen mentioned revolve around this
area.  Also, laptops tend to run out of power and just go thunk (if no
power management is configured) than desktops do.

I will probably do what you did.  Use reiserfs everywhere except where I
do my multimedia work.

How does ReiserFS perform for multimedia work?  OK, or do I really
absolutely need to use XFS?


On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Austin wrote:

> On 09/28/2003 11:39:27 AM, glimt wrote:
> > I am trying to setup my new laptop to be a very friendly environment for
> > multimedia editing and software development.  I have been googling for
> > several hours now and am having trouble coming to a conclusive decision
> > over which filesystem to run.  I am leaning toward ReiserFS, but have
> > looked at XFS pretty closely.  I have read a little on
> > ext3, but what I have found seems a little bit dated now.  Any opinions
> > you guys might have would be very welcome.
> Honestly, how could the reliability of ANY filesystem depend on whether you're
> using a laptop or not?  I hightly doubt if your file system knows whether it's
> in a desktop or a laptop in any way other than frequent power cycles.
> I have used all three, and I agree that EXT3 is not ideal for multimedia.
> Currently I use:
> tmpfs for /tmp
> xfs for any directories containing audio or video (usually /home)
> reiserfs for all else (/usr, /var, etc.)
> I have had a reiser partition get screwed up, but only once, and it was
> fixable.  I'm very impressed with xfs so far, but be aware that it's the
> latest version.
> The /tmp setting makes much more of a difference than anything else though...
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