[linux-audio-user] Filesystem: Ardour / SWD / Laptop

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Mon Sep 29 03:23:00 EDT 2003

Sunday 28 September 2003 22.38 skrev Austin:
> On 09/28/2003 12:13:26 PM, glimt wrote:
> > Laptops go into suspend mode, come out of suspend mode, support suspend
> > to disk, etc.  Most of the bugs I have seen mentioned revolve around this
> > area.  Also, laptops tend to run out of power and just go thunk (if no
> > power management is configured) than desktops do.
> You're right.  I rarely use battery power on my laptop, so I didn't think
> of that.
> > How does ReiserFS perform for multimedia work?  OK, or do I really
> > absolutely need to use XFS?

I think it's quite common here to use RaiserFS for everything but /tmp, with 
quite good performance. Some are using ext3 also. I don't think it's such a 
big issue...

Myself I use RaiserFS together with tmpfs for /tmp, seems to be working quite 
well. I do have x-runs at times, har to tell what they are related to 


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