[linux-audio-user] sticky windows [may be OT]

Rick Taylor ricktaylor at speakeasy.net
Tue Sep 30 13:54:00 EDT 2003

On Tue, 30 Sep 2003 18:09:34 +0400
"horsh" <horsh at mail.ru> wrote:

http://freshmeat.net/projects/scwm/ {with the constraints module {if you can
get it to compile.} In fact... this is your best option. {if you can get it to
compile. {tho' FVWM is fairly similar and makes for a really nice

 I've used all of these... they all work fairly well. There are several
available that are made for imbedded devices and pocket computers that 
should do what you want . {I'm thinking "matchbox" tho' it's been a while
since I've looked... I may be wrong. I do know there are several. You can
probably finf them with a Google search.}

>dealing with linux GUI audio applications
>I have found that the following 
>feature would be usefull:
>I want to stick or glue some windows of
>*different* applications together so that
>they be organized in "solid body"
>i.e. so that I could minimize/restore,
>move them together. 
>(you can find an example of similar behavior
> in how xmms organizes its subwindows)
>I know that some window managers offer
>"border gravity" and some others offer
>virtual desktops, 
>but sometimes it's just not enough.
>As fas as I can tell the linux audio 
>goes the unix way in the sence that there are
>many small interacting programs each doing 
>its own thing. So one needs to have *many*
>small GUI apps open at the same time.
>And the feature Im talking about would
>be realy usefull.
>So my question is:
>Which window manager support such "sticky"

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