[linux-audio-user] Quattro USB

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Apr 21 03:26:38 EDT 2004

Wade Winright hat gesagt: // Wade Winright wrote:

> Thanks again for the reply, and I may take your advice and stay completely 
> away from USB.

On a laptop, USB is a decent way to get sound. Just not with the
Quattro. Which is a total piece of junk. I own one, I know it. Stay
clear of the Quattro and - to make things simple - of all M-Audio USB
devices as many are just crap. 

Having said that, there are many good USB devices, that do actually
work. This ranges from simple inexpensive multichannel devices like
the Audiotrak USB devs up to the Tascam USB devices or the Terratec
Phase 26, which all provide high quality recording. I tested a lot of
devices (~20) and most also worked decent with Jack. 

Of course, PCMICA cards have various advantages, but in general they
tend to be much, much more expensive as well. Why not just try USB
out - either from a mailorder which takes it back - or in a shop?

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