[linux-audio-user] pd vs. supercollider

Atte André Jensen atte at ballbreaker.dk
Thu Apr 22 04:12:36 EDT 2004

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Hi Atte:
>  The juice is in the RTF help files run from within emacs. Almost all 
> examples are playable (i.e., evaluated) from within the help system, and 
> many of them demonstrate useful musical capabilities of SC3 (looping, 
> triggering, MIDI control, etc.). However, I certainly agree that a 
> thorough SC3/Linux tutorial is desirable (and I agree that my tutorial 
> only peeks at SC3). The wiki can be helpful, but it isn't always in step 
> with current SC3 development. The sc-users mail list is also a good 
> place to ask questions.

Thanks for the pointers, I guess the main thing I payed to little 
attention to was the RTFManual (pun intented). I'll try to devote a 
whole day saturday to getting further into SC3. You'll probl. hear more 
confused questions from me on sc-users...

peace, love & harmony


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